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Coinstar Money Transfer - Metro bank - cebu-tabunok (172)


Money transfers via Coinstar Money Transfer are made in U.S. dollars and Euro, without opening an account to the Client. Coinstar Money Transfer limits the time during which the recipient must take its money. As a rule, it is about 30-40 days. For customers, according to the company, transfers in the system of Coinstar Money Transfers on average by 10-15% cheaper than Western Union or MoneyGram. The sender can also send free short text message, together with a remittance Coinstar Money Transfer. ´╗┐Money transfer system Coinstar Money Transfer is the fastest growing company in the market of remittances.

BranchMetro bank - cebu-tabunok (172)
CityCebu city
MoreSouth national road bulacao talisay. (032) 272-0425; (032 9:00am - 3:30pm